Textures Bags & Clutches

I love my work and I find contentment in the process of making a creation that is beautiful, yet functional. It brings me such happiness when a customer delights in my handbags and chooses one for their own.
— Tammy Daneker

The artist behind the bags...

I am Tammy Daneker and I am the woman behind Textures Bags & Clutches. I am the sole owner and all bags are designed, sourced, and handcrafted by me! I am a self-taught sewer and use my own sewing patterns and designs. 

How it all started...

Textures started from my love of fabrics - particularly those that have wonderful tactile qualities and vivid colors and graphics. I also adore vintage fabrics and I incorporate them whenever possible. Mixing, matching, and coordinating fabrics is one of my favorite parts of the work. 

100% Handmade & Handpicked

Fabrics are always acquired in small quantities. I want my customers to carry something truly unique - not something that has been duplicated again and again. Additionally, sometimes fabrics are hand-painted or screen-printed to make a distinct and special bag.